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24k Gold Bundle

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24k Gold Bundle

24k Face Cream
Benefits: Brightens complexion for a youthful glow,Counteracts micro-wrinkles, Smoothens lines for an even texture, Boosts regenerative processes of your cells,Stimulates collagen & elastin, Protects against environmental stress, Skin brightening, Protects skin from sun damage, Provides skin hydration & Perfect for makeup base.

ingredients: Distilled Water,99.99% Pure Gold,Oatmeal, Honey, Shea Butter,CocoButter, Mango Butter,Grape Seed Oil, Essential Oil Fragance.

24k Hyaluronic serum

Benefits: Expands with moisture, adding volume, Traps and retains moisture from the air .Reinforces the extracellular matrix .Increases elasticity, Stimulates cell renewal, Reduces dryness and dehydration, Helps your skin glow, Helps you have a youthful-looking skin, Helps your foundation go on smoother.

Ingredients: Distillet water, Hyaluranic Acid and 24k Gold